Carbon Solutions Newsletter, December 2023


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A Newsletter from Carbon Solutions

December 2023

– Hot Off the Press-

“Delivering a road map for carbon capture, and storage in Oklahoma by assessing the viability of stacked storage”

Description: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes that CO₂ capture and storage (CCS) is critical for climate-stabilizing energy transitions. In CCS, captured CO₂ is sequestered in saline aquifers within sedimentary basins. The CO₂ storage capacity and the rate of injection are functions of the geology of the saline aquifer, which is uncertain. To minimize impacts of this uncertainty, CCS projects could include backup plans, such as co-locating geologic CO₂ storage (GCS) sites with or near existing CO₂ -enhanced oil recovery (CO₂ -EOR) operations.

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Presenting at AGU Wide Open Science 2023

Description: Several of our team members had the opportunity to travel to AGU’s Wide Open Science Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Richard Middleton presented, “Advances in Nationwide Carbon Storage Estimates to Support a Net-Zero Economy.” Qasim Mehdi presented, “Assessing the Environmental Justice Implications of Decarbonizing the US Electric Grid: Estimating Changes in Asthma Exacerbation by Race and Income.” In addition, Monica Hernandez-Lara, Director of Business Management, helped support and represent Carbon Solutions!

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New Employee Alert!

– Thank you for a wonderful 2023! –

We look forward to working and engaging with you in the New Year! Thank you for all of your collaboration and support. Happy Holidays!

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