Software & Services

Carbon Solutions has two major thrusts:

  • Research and Development (R&D): Develop cutting-edge science, databases, and software to support low-carbon energy research including CO2 capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), energy storage, geothermal energy, wind energy, and the hydrogen economy. Carbons Solutions currently leads and works on almost a dozen R&D projects, predominantly funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE).
  • Software & Services: Apply Carbon Solutions’ unique science, databases, and software to meet emerging energy challenges and clients needs in a range of energy application space, including a local-to-regional CCUS market assessment.

Our Software & Services approach is designed to help clients identify, quantify, and realize CCUS opportunities. Our services are separated into four stages:

  1. Conceptual: High-level analysis of potential sources, pipeline routes, and/or storage and utilization sites using existing SimCCSPRO tools and databases. Deliverables often include, but are not limited to: basic market assessment of CCUS opportunities, maps of CO2 sources, local/regional CO2 capture supply curves, basic technoeconomic analysis (TEA) of CO2 sources, representative pipeline routes, maps of representative storage and utilization locations, and local/regional CO2 storage supply curves.
  2. Feasibility: Detailed analysis of multiple CCS options using customized SimCCSPRO databases and, where required, customized SimCCSPRO code development. Feasibility analysis typically follows a Conceptual analysis. Deliverables often include, but are not limited to: detailed market assessment of CCUS opportunities, detailed CO2 source analysis, detailed CO2 storage and utilization analysis using customized data, multiple pipeline route analysis, CCS system-wide uncertainty analysis, system-wide sensitivity analysis, and multiple system-wide infrastructure analysis.
  3. Design: Detailed analysis to analyze one or more chosen infrastructure scenarios typically identified during the Feasibility stage. Design analysis often follows scenarios generated in a Feasibility analysis. Deliverables often include, but are not limited to: detailed TEA of the entire CCS system, lifecycle analysis (LCA), sensitivity of pipeline routes, sensitivity of the integrated CCS infrastructure, project contingency planning, and early-stage public outreach.
  4. Engineering: Carbon Solutions’ role is focused on challenges such as late-stage public outreach and emergency contingency support.

Carbon Solutions has developed and commercialized cutting-edge, unique software for R&D and industry support in a range of low-carbon energy applications. Software and algorithm approaches include optimization, simulation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and GIScience.

Carbon Solutions’ flagship software is SimCCSPRO. SimCCSPRO is the leading research and industry decision-support tool for designing CO2 capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure. SimCCSPRO helps industry, government, researchers, and other stakeholders understand how CCS infrastructure could or should be deployed to maximize revenues, minimize capital and O&M costs, reduce carbon footprints, and maximize sequestered CO2. The SimCCSPRO software is supported by three leading software tools for CO2 capture (NICO2LEPRO), CO2 pipeline routing (CostMAPPRO), and CO2 sequestration and utilization (SCO2TPRO).

The original version of SimCCS was developed by a team led by Dr. Richard Middleton at Los Alamos National Laboratory and was released into the public domain in January 2018 ( SimCCS went on to win two R&D 100 Awards in December 2019 (, has been involved in dozens of academic publications (, and featured prominently in the scientific and non-scientific media including Scientific American ( The public domain version is also available as part of Software and Services. The public domain SimCCS code was further developed entirely outside of Los Alamos by the SimCCS community (known as Team SimCCS) and then commercialized by Carbon Solutinos LLC in 2021. Consequently, SimCCSPRO refers to the commercial version of SimCCS – its capture, transport, and stage sub-tools – that has been massively enhanced and developed to meet real-world CCS applications.

Dr. Richard Middleton talks about CO2 capture and storage (CCS) and his SimCCS software.

The commercial SimCCSPRO software is built on years of R&D development showcased in scientific papers published by the Carbon Solutions team.





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