New Report Published on the Landscape of Clean Hydrogen

We’d like to share the release of The Landscape of Clean Hydrogen: An Outlook for Industrial Hubs in the United States, a new report from Carbon SolutionsWorld Resources Institute, and the Great Plains Institute that identifies strategic opportunities for clean hydrogen hub deployment across 11 US regions and highlights key considerations for maximizing clean hydrogen’s climate benefits.

With versatile applications as an energy carrier, fuel, and chemical feedstock, clean hydrogen can enable decarbonization across multiple sectors of the US economy, including in hard-to-electrify sectors like heavy industry, heavy-duty transport, aviation, and marine shipping. In coming years, clean hydrogen production and use will need to rapidly scale several orders of magnitude to meaningfully contribute to US 2050 net-zero goals.

The report provides a look at current hydrogen production and potential future use, demonstrating where hydrogen hubs may be located for greatest impact, accounting for local resources, emissions-intensive industries, and geographic characteristics. The report also examines clean hydrogen’s implications for electric grid planning, local air quality, and future policy development.