Uinta Basin CarbonSAFE

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Project Overview

The primary objective of the Uinta Basin CarbonSAFE phase II project is to establish the technical and economic feasibility of a commercial-scale COgeological storage complex in the northeast Uinta Basin, Utah, to sequester at least 50 million metric tons of captured CO2 securely and economically from the Deseret Power Electric Cooperative Bonanza Power Plant and other sources in 30 years.

This project seeks to establish feasibility of commercial storage with high-resolution societal analysis, geological characterization, technical analysis, economic evaluation, and environmental analysis. This project will accelerate the Deseret Power’s assessment of commercial-scale CO2 capture, combine additional CO2 sources in the area for a storage hub development, and accelerate economic transition and growth in the communities that have historically been impacted by fossil fuel production.

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University of Utah


US Department of Energy


$ 11,752,730