WyoTCH Pipeline

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Project Overview

Title: Time’s Ticking: Embarking on the Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub (“WyoTCH”)

The WyoTCH Pipeline project will trigger the development of commercial-scalecarbon management in Wyoming through an open-access pipeline (WyoTCH, pronounced “Watch”). The FEED study enables the planning of a transformative, statewide pipeline system capable of transporting up to tens of millions of tonnes of CO2 (10s MtCO2/yr) that will: 

  • Connect multiple carbon capture sources to multiple secure geologic storage locations.
  • Build primarily on portions of the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI).
  • Leverage existing and pending DOE award funds for CO2 sources and sinks. 

Running at full capacity, determined by CO2 source and sink commitments and ongoing engagements with industrial parties, the WyoTCH Pipeline system support as much as 10% or more of national goals for carbon management over the coming decades. It also would support the State of Wyoming in its mission to become a carbon-negative economy. The open-access pipeline will be available to all CCO2-emitting industries and sinks along its route.  

The project will develop a front-end engineering design (FEED) study on a route selected to optimize costs for construction, operational expenditures, regulatory compliance, environmental health and safety, and benefits to surrounding communities. Pipeline routing for the FEED is an iterative process incorporating technical and commercial drivers such as emission volumes, timing, availability, and typical routing concerns arising from specific source and sink locations. An initial feasibility study and pre-FEED investigation were performed on a preliminary pipeline route based on the best source and sink commitments secured at the time. The project will develop a comprehensive evaluation of alternative paths informed by the collected commitments from CO2 sources and sinks. The project will also develop a concept study and business-case analysis to investigate the potential to expand the system to store the pursued top-end target of 10s MtCO2 per year.  WyoTCH Pipeline will be the backbone empowering the State of Wyoming to pioneer the levels of carbon management necessary to put a significant dent in our societal carbon emissions.    

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Carbon Solutions


US Department of Energy


$3M (DOE)  $1.95M (Cost share)  $4.95M (Total)


2023 – 2025