Meet The Team

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Bjorn “BJ” Brooks

Research Scientist

Bjorn “BJ” Brooks is a dedicated research scientist specializing in analyzing the climatological considerations for carbon dioxide removal technologies across diverse geographical regions. His work is marked by an integration of climate interactions, statistical methodologies, and cloud computing, all aimed at driving substantial advancements in addressing climate challenges.

Bjorn’s career is rooted in earth and environmental sciences, including both governmental and private sector roles.  His contributions extend from atmosphere-biosphere CO₂ exchange while working at the University of Wisconsin to landscape ecological resilience during his tenure at the USDA Forest Service. He also worked at Living Carbon, where he delved into the intricate domains of forest ecosystems, employing cutting-edge techniques for monitoring, modeling, and strategic consultancy. Prior positions with the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies’ NOAA Cooperative Institute honed his proficiency in cloud computing R&D and climate data analysis. His expertise in cloud computing, climate modeling, and ecological analysis underscores his impactful contributions to the field.

Education and Training:

PhD | Geology | Iowa State University | 2003 – 2009
MSc | Palaeobiology | University of Bristol | 2000 – 2002
BS | Biology | Iowa State University | 1996 – 2000