Meet The Team

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Juan C. Duque

Research Scientist

Dr. Juan C. Duque is a Research Scientist at Carbon Solutions. Duque is a world leading expert in the field of region design and has a wide experience in the formulation of new methods for spatiotemporal analysis. He is a member of the editorial board of International Regional Science Review, Computers Environment and Urban Systems, Journal of Regional Research, and Computational Urban Science. Juan has been a consultant for institutions such as: The World Bank, UN-Habitat, Inter-American Development Bank, Andean Development Corporation, San Diego East Economic Development Council, ESRI, European Commission, Barcelona City Council, among others. He is Co-I in one of the biggest research projects on urban studies, the PEAK-Urban project, supported by UKIR’s Global Challenge Research Fund (Grant Ref.: ES/P011055/1).

Education and Training:

Ph.D. | Management | University of Barcelona | 2000–2004 | Best dissertation award 2003-2004
M.Sc. | Management and Economics | Pompeu Fabra University | 1999–2000
B.A. | Business Administration | National University of Colombia | 1993–1998