Who we are

Carbon Solutions LLC was launched in 2021 by co-founders Richard Middleton and Kevin Ellett. While our primary expertise is in the area of CO₂ Capture and Storage (CCS), our four full-time researchers and 30+ consultants have expertise across the low-carbon energy spectrum. Our company values include:


We believe that the energy transition is an interdisciplinary challenge and thus teamwork is essential to providing carbon solutions.

Scientifically Sound

We are proud to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their low-carbon energy challenges that are based in world-class science.

Committed and Intentional

The energy transition will not happen overnight, and we are in it for the long haul.

Open and Accountable

We believe high quality work and a positive client experience requires direct and clear communication and an emphasis on continually developing trust.


We enjoy working together and believe our clients should enjoy working with us too.


The energy transition is one of the most pressing and salient challenges facing humanity. Carbon Solutions believes that the real-world, low-carbon, energy solutions are science-based and that implementing these solutions will require working with a variety of stakeholders.


We partner with industry, government, non-profits, and academia to identify and implement real-world solutions low-carbon energy challenges. We accomplish this by 1) conducting cutting-edge R&D to develop software tools, primarily focused on CO₂ Capture and Storage (CCS) infrastructure decision making, and 2) applying our software as a service to guide businesses developing low-carbon infrastructure.


Active R&D Projects


Peer-Reviewed Publications


Staff and Consultants


Software Tools

R&D 100 Awards

Co-founder and CEO Richard Middleton Wins Multiple R+D 100 Awards

For nearly the past 60 years, the prestigious R&D 100 awards program  (link) has recognized revolutionary R&D in science and technology. The honor of receiving two of these awards for the open-source SimCCS framework speaks to the quality of science that Carbon Solutions conducts.