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Project Overview

Title: CO₂NCORD: Identifying CO₂ Capture Opportunities for the Nation’s Energy Transition

The CO₂ National Capture Opportunities and Readiness Data (CO₂NCORD) software will enable users to identify sources of CO₂ (e.g., cement manufacturers, ethanol refineries) that could be profitably turned into carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. It will provide the breakeven CO₂ capture cost, technology readiness level (TRL), and life cycle CO₂ emissions of prospective CCS projects across the country by integrating the latest public data and scientific research into a single end-user platform. Developing CO₂NCORD requires a novel integration of advances in multiple disciplines across five research objectives: 1) big data fusion, 2) CO₂ capture stream characterization, 3) life cycle assessment, 4) advanced techno-economics, and 5) software engineering.

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