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Project Overview

Title: SEEJust: Siting Hydrogen for Equity and Energy Justice 


This tool allows site developers, industry, community members, and environmental justice advocates to look at the same data at all stages or project planning in one place. SEEJust will help raise awareness and integrate community benefits at the beginning of the project. 

The Siting Hydrogen for Equity and Energy Justice (SEEJust) tool identifies: 

  • individual facilities that would most benefit from fuel- and-feedstock switching to hydrogen for HTA sectors
  • a selection of environmental justice metrics
  • physical characteristics (roads, pipeline networks, etc.) relevant to industrial organizations looking to retrofit current hydrogen facilities or site new hydrogen facilities near existing and potential activity. 

The development of SEEJust is composed of five primary research objectives:

  1. environmental justice or disadvantaged community identification
  2. hydrogen facilities and HTA industry assessment
  3. emission reduction and job analysis
  4. decision-support tool development
  5. SEEJust initial evaluation and survey development

View our poster on SEEJust that we presented at the 2023’s Department of Energy Hydrogen Program’s Annual Merit Review conference. 

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