CO₂ Source Discovery

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The CCS industry is comprised of technologies from all economic sectors (e.g., power plants, cement manufacturing, ethanol refineries, paper mills). As such, these technologies are all in different stages of technological readiness for CO2 capture retrofits and different policies may or may not apply to them. Further, there are many different market forces that may influence CO2 source availability. For example, much of the nation’s coal-fired power plant fleet is scheduled for retirement. These factors make estimating the cost, quantity, and locations of potential sources of capturable CO2 difficult. Carbon Solutions addresses this challenge with our CO2NCORD tool. CO2NCORD provides the most up-to-date data and analysis that is grounded in the latest science. We can use CO2NCORD to provide you with various products including market assessments, CO2 capture supply curves, and maps.

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