Meet The Team

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Jessi Eidbo

Director of Engagement

Jessi Eidbo is the Director of Engagement at Carbon Solutions, a mission-driven, fast-growing business focusing on low-carbon energy Research & Development and Software & Services. Energy applications include CO2 capture and storage (CCS), direct air capture (DAC), hydrogen, energy equity, and renewable energy (geothermal, wind, and solar) research. Jessi is energized by community-led development processes that seek to interrogate when, how, and under what conditions various decarbonization technologies can best achieve a range of benefits for local communities, in addition to the crucial mitigation of increasing global greenhouse gas emissions. This work dovetails desire to better understand the implications of both site-level and infrastructure design decisions, as well as siting locations, for both communities and the energy system as various decarbonization technologies advance.

Jessi brings over half a decade of varied, practical experience in renewable energy and decarbonization technologies deployment ranging across sectors, from non-profits to municipal and government actors, as well as across technologies and outreach tactics. Before returning to Carbon Solutions in 2024, Jessi was the Land-Smart Clean Energy Manager with the Clean Air Task Force, a global non-profit working to solve climate change, where she led work at the intersection of landscape-scale systems modeling and clean energy development. Jessi is also an AICP-certified planning professional and has volunteered as the Secretary-Treasurer for the American Planning Association’s Sustainable Communities Division since 2021

Education and Training:

MA | Urban and Regional Planning, and GIS | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2016-2018
BSc | Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2013–2016