Meet The Team

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Marcos Miranda

Research Scientist

Marcos is a Research Scientist exploring a range of decarbonization, sustainability, and energy industry topics through solution-based research projects. Marcos’ current and previous research focuses on Subsurface Geothermal Energy Production, Carbon Capture and Utilization Networks, Recovery of Rare Earth Elements using Waste Byproducts, and Life Cycle Assessment. He is currently focusing on finishing his PhD at The Ohio State University while in support of Carbon Solutions projects focusing on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage specifically by exploring source-sink matching and incorporating other technologies such as Enhanced Oil Recovery into these networks.

Outside of working on research projects Marcos passionately watches and plays soccer (being a staunch supporter of Manchester United), plays video games with online friends, and enjoys long walks on the beach (when he’s not in Ohio).

Education and Training:

Ph.D. | Civil Engineering | The Ohio State University | 2018-2023
B.Sc. | Environmental Engineering | University of Delaware | 2013–2017