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Richard Middleton


Richard Middleton is CEO and co-founder of Carbon Solutions LLC, a startup focusing on low-carbon energy Research & Development and Software & Services, including CO2 capture and storage (CCS), energy storage, geothermal energy, and wind energy. His work focuses on two major research areas: (1) energy & infrastructure modeling, including CCS, unconventional fossil fuels (such as shale gas and CO2-enhanced fracturing & hydrocarbon recovery), geothermal exploration, wind energy optimization, and bioenergy planning and landscape design; and (2) climate impacts on natural & engineered systems including climate extremes, hydrology, ecosystem dynamics, and the energy-water nexus. He has been ranked as the US’ third-most productive CCS researcher (1997−2017) as well as Los Alamos’ most-published Earth science first-author from 2010–2018. He is the lead developer of SimCCS, a research- and industry-leading decision support framework for understanding how, where, and when CCS infrastructure could and should be deployed.