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Veronica Wilde

Research Scientist

With a comprehensive background in higher education and the energy sector, Veronica excels at leading complex projects and strategic partnerships that catalyze significant advancements in technology and community development. Her previous role as an External Communications Manager involved expanding educational programs and securing substantial funding for new initiatives, demonstrating her capability to lead and innovate across various platforms.

Holding an MBA and a Renewable Energy Certificate, Veronica possesses a blend of strategic acumen and technical expertise. She is also an active member of several industry non-profits and organizations, where she presents at conferences and engages stakeholders in critical discussions on the future of energy and its intersection with community interests.

Veronica is committed to driving research that not only addresses environmental challenges but also supports the sustainable growth of communities and industries.

Education and Training:

Certificate | Renewable Energy | American Association of Professional Landmen, 2022
MBA | Business Administration | Western Colorado University, 2017–2019
BA | Business Administration | Western Colorado University, 2014–2017