Direct Air Capture Hub Funding

The US Department of Energy is getting ready to release a major funding opportunity for direct air capture (DAC) hubs. Carbon Solutions LLC is a world-leader in supporting CO2 capture and storage projects and is excited to offer our expertise to your proposal team – read on to learn more about our company and unique range of relevant services.

Carbon Solutions LLC

We work with organizations like yours to provide decision support for carbon capture, transport, and storage projects. We are currently leading multiple DAC research projects and peer-reviewed papers to identify the best place locations for DAC hubs and designing what future DAC hubs could and should look like. Our world-leading scientists and engineers can assist projects in multiple key areas:

  • CO2 storage identification, including co-locating it with geothermal heat resources.
  • Class VI well application support and MRV plan support.
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).
  • CO2 pipeline routing and planning.
  • Community engagement and Justice40 plan development, evaluation, and monitoring.
  • Proposal writing and team formation facilitation.

Each of these services could contribute to world-class DAC hub proposal and project and are further described below. Please contact for more information.

CO2 Storage Identification

Carbon Solutions LLC has the best-in-class screening tool for geologic CO2 storage: the Professional version of the Sequestration of CO2 Tool (SCO2TPRO). Our SCO2TPRO software and database has been developed through multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications and provides the most extensive database for CO2 storage cost and capacity across the United States. Check out Figure 1 from a study we published last winter.

Figure 1: Geospatial Cost of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers Across Eastern Montana, the Dakotas, and Southern Canada.

Some DAC technologies require A LOT of heat to capture CO2, and geothermal is a great heat resource because it is continuously available and carbon neutral. We have the ability with our NECTAR tool to screen for CO2 storage resources co-located with geothermal resources that could provide sufficient heat for low-temperature DAC. Figure 2 shows a supply curve for the lowest-cost gigatonne of capacity of low-temperature DAC systems heated with geothermal energy co-located with CO2 storage. Our mapping capabilities provide the location of this capacity at a 10x10km grid cell resolution.

Figure 2: Supply curve for the lowest cost Gigatonne of low-temperature DAC. Electricity prices are from EPRI’s net-zero America study; cost of CO2 storage is from SCO2TPRO; cost of geothermal is from NECTAR; and the cost of DAC is based off the model published by McQueen et al. 2020.

Class VI Well Application Support and MRV Reporting Support

EPA class VI well permits are required to develop CO2 injection sties in the United States. A major consideration for the permit application is determining the Area of Review (AoR). The AoR represents the pressure front of the CO2 plume, which is important for predicting interference with Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDW). Our team can support your proposal by:

  • Developing detailed 3D reservoir models for Class VI well applications.
  • Estimating initial CO2 plume size using SCO2TPRO.
  • Mapping AoR, nearby wells, and USDWs.
  • Supporting Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) plan development.

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment quantifies the emissions throughout the entire life of the product from construction to use to disposal, including the consumption of materials and energy. This is especially critical for DAC, because the goal is to provide negative emissions. Carbon Solutions LLC has experts in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that are able to perform carbon accounting to estimate the net emissions of DAC. Specifically, we offer:

  • Evaluation of facility designs to achieve net zero carbon emissions.
  • Carbon intensity estimates.
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reporting.

CO2 Pipeline Routing and Planning

A DAC hub may consist of multiple DAC technologies across multiple CO2 injection well sites. Our SimCCSPRO tool is the leading software for pipeline routing. We are currently using it for multiple CO2 transportation feasibility studies across a range of scales for clients and utility companies. If a hub requires CO2 pipeline planning, SimCCSPRO can be used to determine optimal connection routes between DAC technologies and injection wells.

Community Engagement

Leveraging federal insights on environmental justice and equitable decarbonization strategy, our energy and environmental justice (EEJ) team of planners, geographers, and social scientists provides support for community engagement and facilitation planning, drafting plans to ensure project compliance with federal Justice40 programmatic requirements, and helping solicit community level feedback on specific technical project development. We have expertise integrating Community engagement, Justice40, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accountability (DEIA), and Quality Job plans into the technical and engineering work required for successful multi-year project planning and deployment. At Carbon Solutions LLC, we strive to scale decarbonization technologies, like DAC, to empower communities to shape the trajectory of deployment, and center community voice throughout planning and implementation. Equitable technology deployment requires community input and omitting it can have disasterous long-term consequence for successfully scaling technology. Our team is leading cutting-edge conversations to help both determine and pilot successful models for community engagement across the country on a range of decarbonization technologies.

Proposal Writing and Team Formation Facilitation

First experiences with applying for DOE grants can be overwhelming! If you are feeling similarly, we are here to help. We are very familiar with writing grants for DOE; in fact, about 25% of our company used to work for DOE national laboratories. Because we have been in the carbon capture and storage (CCS) space for over a decade (before it was cool!), our team includes dozens of consultants with varying backgrounds of world-leading CCS expertise including areas like policy, law, and finance. If there is something your DAC hub team needs that is not already discussed above, we can very likely provide it.

Please reach out to connect and sign up for our mailing list! The climate crisis will not solve itself and we’d love to hear how we can assist your team to join forces for this urgent work!